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Prayer Focus: Repenting for things that do not belong in our hearts.

Reading: Matthew 21:12-17

TUESDAY: Revive an expectant heart

Prayer Focus: Adjusting our priorities around the reality of Christ’s second coming.

Reading: Matthew 24:1-51


wednesday: Pursue a generous heart

Prayer Focus: Growing a giving, serving lifestyle that honors Christ.

Reading: Matthew 26:6-13

thursday: Cultivate an obedient heart

Prayer Focus: Obeying what God has been asking you do to.

Reading: Matthew 26:36-46


friday: Embrace a faith-filled heart

Prayer Focus: Receiving all that Jesus paid for on the cross.

Reading: Matthew 27:32-56

saturday: Receive a restful heart

Prayer Focus: Striving less and resting more through the grace of Jesus.

Reading: Matthew 27:57-66


We are all searching and listening for God’s voice, and never more so than during the Easter season. If you're new to church or new to Central—join us. Come as you are and you'll find new friends doing the same.