The name of the movement is also the inspiration.

“Seven billion ones. We get lost in the bigness of the world, the 7 billion people. As ones, as individuals, we lose sight of how important and special each of us are.This journey is chock full of stories that are there for a reason, that remind us we are here for a reason.”

—Randy Bacon, Founder

August 29 · 6:30pm · Central Assembly


Randy Bacon, founder of 7 Billion Ones is launching his newest project, It Knows No Face, devoted to giving voice to those affected by suicide and bringing hope to those caught in the struggle of despair. We invite you to Central Assembly on August 29 at 6:30pm for an unveiling and exhibition of this new project. Join us for coffee, snacks, and presentation from Randy as we experience the power of our stories and how each one matters to God. Contact us for more information.