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Twenty20 Reduction+Renewal

Twenty20 is our opportunity to pay down a mortgage that has funded major facility projects such as construction of the Fusion Center and MPH as well as roof and HVAC repairs to the sanctuary. In June 2015 we negotiated an excellent loan rate that is fixed until the year 2020. With Twenty20 we intend to pay down our mortgage and continue to improve and renew our facility.

Twenty20elts - GW

Our Twenty20 goal is $200,000 per year. Together we meet that goal for 2016. Thanks to your Twenty20 giving, in 2016 we paid $150,000 on the mortgage loan and $50,000 on facility improvements, most notably the renovation of the chapel. So far in 2017 the funds have allowed us to make exciting improvements to the sanctuary platform. The next offering will be Sunday morning, September 24. You can give to Twenty20 at any time by using the field available online.