1301 North Boonville Avenue, Springfield MO 65802 Services: Sunday 10:30a & 6:00p | Wednesday 6:30p


Central is a church for the “family” of Christ. We want to include every generation you may have in your family—from the babies to the great-great grandparents. Central recognizes that everyone is on a unique spiritual journey. That’s why we offer a variety of ministries designed to meet different needs at different ages and stages of life. Each ministry focuses on meeting individuals where they are spiritually and helping them build a strong Christian foundation.


Children’s Ministries

Your kids will love the fun and excitement of Central’s Kids Ministries. Action-packed songs, eye-popping object lessons, and quirky characters teach kids about God’s great love. Every service and every event is built to connect kids to God and to each other in meaningful ways.


Student Ministries

6th–12th graders love the small groups, activities, and services at Fusion Student Ministries. Fusion focuses on building strong relationships and guiding students through this important stage of life. We have a student center designed just for them—including a gym, video game stations, snack bar, and much more.


Worship Arts Ministries

Choral and instrumental music are key to our expression of worship at Central Assembly. Those who serve in our Music Ministries remind us to actively praise the God who created rhythm and music, rather than simply watch a performance. Throughout the year, they also host special events that highlight different types of music.


Senior Adult Ministries

Senior Adult Ministries provides opportunities to help everyone feel they truly belong. They celebrate birthdays, plan trips, and sponsor special events to foster friendships. Senior adults are an important part of the ministry and personality of Central.


College and Young Adult Community

College students are important to Central, and we offer many different ways for them to get connected and involved. Passionate small groups, fun activities, and an engaging Sunday morning class are provided to promote growth and community. We are also deeply committed to connecting our college students to our community and world through a variety of service projects.


Wednesday Family Night Activities

Wednesday nights are full of opportunities for the whole family. Adults are invited to join Bible Study in the Multipurpose Hall where you’ll find people of diverse ages and backgrounds forming friendships over coffee and group discussion. Children and students can participate in Royal Rangers, Girl’s Ministries, Fusion Student Ministries, and Highpoint.


International Ministries

The International Ministry was developed to minister to those from other countries who are living in the United States. The ministry also welcomes Americans who are interested in building friendships with internationals. Two years ago the ministry started with only Japanese people; since then the ministry has become multicultural. The Sunday morning international service is in English. Several small groups provide fellowship and connection. For more information: www.centralassemblyim.org