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Weekly News

Thank you for your commitment to Confidence!

Last Sunday we gathered as one congregation, one generation, one body to commit to Confidence Assembly in Cuba. Together we raised over $25,000! Our team will leave in one week fully equipped with the supplies needed to help Confidence finish their church building that’s been over 12 years in the planning. Thank you for joining together to partner with our worldwide Church in Havana. Your giving and your prayers will spread the light of God’s hope into the dark places of Cuba.


Love To Sing? | Wednesdays | 6:30pm | Choir Room

The Sanctuary Choir is now accepting new members. If you love to sing, please join us. We rehearse on Wednesday evenings and minister on Sunday mornings. If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth at elombardi@centralassembly.org.


Women’s Bible Study | September 2 | 6:45pm | Room 204

On Tuesday, September 2, we will begin a study of Beth Moore’s Children of the Day. Come with us as we walk the shores of Thessalonica through this verse-by- verse study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. For information, contact Sandra at smorris@centralassembly.org.


Overcoming Abuse | August 20 | 6:30pm | Room 121

Learn how to recognize the signs of abuse and domestic violence and where to go for help. We can provide support as Christ transforms lives with hope and healing. For more information, please contact Gayle at mgkbielecki@gmail.com.


Enabled | August 19 | 7pm | Chapel

If you or someone you know is disabled, come fellowship with us and become equipped, empowered, and enabled! Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm. If you would like more information, please contact Ethel Campbell at ethelcampbell@mchsi.com.


Royal Rangers Mentors | Wednesdays | 6:30pm | Ranger Classrooms

Royal Rangers currently has openings for individuals to help mentor future men in our 2nd grade Ranger Kids class. This opportunity is open to men, women, and couples. If you are interested in this ministry to boys, please contact the Kids Are Central office at 866-5013.


August Legacy Breakfast | August 21 | 8:30am | Multipurpose Hall

This month our focus will be on back to school prayer and chaplaincy ministries from Central’s family. Tickets are $6 in advance at the Connect Counter and $6.50 at the door the day of the breakfast. If you celebrate a birthday in August, your breakfast is free.


GriefShare | September 7 | 6pm | Room 125

GriefShare is a friendly, caring support group that will walk beside you through some of life’s most difficult experiences. If you’ve lost a child, spouse, family member, or friend, you may feel overwhelmed by grief. If you’ve lost a job, good health, or cherished dreams, you may be experiencing grief as well. Join us for our GriefShare sessions beginning Sunday, September 7 at 6pm in Room 125. The sessions will be facilitated by Stefanie Shell. Workbooks are $15. To enroll e-mail smorris@centralassembly.org, or call the church office at 866-5013.