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Pentecost Sunday


June 4 | 10:30a, 6:00p | Central Assembly

The Day of Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus’ followers, empowering them for the Great Commission and binding them together as the Church. Pentecost Sunday is a special day for Christians all over the world; some refer to Pentecost as the “birthday of the Church.” Both Sunday morning and evening Interim Pastor Jim Bradford will speak. We pray God’s Word will enrich your hearts, and we all have a deeper desire for His Spirit’s work in our lives.

June 4 we’ll also celebrate the 110th anniversary of the founding of Central Assembly. The extraordinary story of Central’s history is told through the lives of ordinary people—congregation members and pastors who prayed, fasted, and sacrificed to accomplish the work they believed God had for them. That story continues to be written today. Learn more about our history.

Plan now to join us and celebrate our rich Pentecostal and church home heritage!

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Jun 4, 2017 - 10:30 am Pentecost Sunday 1301 N Boonville Avenue, Springfield MO 65802 View